Family:  We live in Moorhead. I am married to my wonderful wife Jennifer. We have three children: Madeline (9), Annabel (6), and Winston (3).

                        Bachelor of Arts, History/English. MSUM 2007
                        Bachelor of Science, Social Studies Education, MSUM 2011
                        Master of Science, Secondary Educational Leadership, MSUM 2017
                        K-12 Administrative Credentials, MSUM 2019

Work History
                        Years of Restaurant work before I became a teacher.
                        Student Teacher, ULEN HITTERDAL!! Spring 2011
                        Substitute Teacher: Moorhead, Ulen, DGF - 2011-2012
                        Social Studies Teacher, Waubun-Ogema-White Earth - 2012-2016
                        Social Studies Teacher, Ada-Borup - 2016-2020
                        Dean of Students, Ulen Hitterdal - 2020-Present

                       Junior High Baseball in Waubun all four years
                       Junior High Knowledge Bowl in Waubun all four years
                       STAR team advisor in Waubun/Ogema
                       Junior/Senior High Knowledge Bowl in Ada last three years
                       American Legion Baseball - Five summers in Ada

                      We love to camp! We upgraded to a motorhome this past summer and are really enjoying it.
                      We love to play outside in the yard, my kids dance and swim and keep us very busy!
                      I am an avid reader. Big fan of Stephen King, Harry Potter, and books about the 19th Century, Ancient Rome, and                            Religion, I love audiobooks as well, since I drive to work.
                      My wife and I traveled before we had kids. Mostly North America and the Carribean.
                      I love music. I have no musical talent however. I am a child of the 90's and am a big fan of music from that era.
                      We have three cats.

                    Candy - Skittles
                    Soda - Mountain Dew or Tahitian Treat
                    Book - The Dark Tower Series, Harry Potter Series, Eric Foner's Reconstruction, anything by Poe, depends on my mood!
                    Class I have taught - I taught a History of Popular Music class I enjoyed, otherwise, I taught World Religions for four years and was                              fascinated by it!
                    Time of Day - Morning
                    Dinner - Meatloaf
                    Lunch - Pizza
                    Breakfast - Eggs and Hashbrowns (with Tabasco)

Birthday:     Yes. I have one.