In the event of snow days, we will use flex learning.  For Junior HIgh Band, Senior High Band, and 7th/8th Grade Music classes, you can click on the Google Classroom links below.  Updated assignments will be posted by 8:30 am on Snow Days.  Further instruction is listed in the course syllabus or handbook for each class.

Music 7

Music 8

Junior High Band

High School Band

For Elementary Bands: if we have a Snow Day on a day we would have had band, students will be required to practice our concert music for 20 minutes, document this on a piece of paper and have a parent/guardian sign off.

For students without internet at home
The assignments for Junior High and Senior High band can still be completed by recording practice time on their Chromebooks or phone and sharing when they get to school via Google Drive or email.

Music 7/8 students without internet should listen to MN Public Radio 91.1 FM for 10-15 minutes and write a reaction paper based on the criteria set out in the course syllabus including the time of day they listened, title/composer of the music, voice or instruments heard, tempo, dynamics, and overall reaction.

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