Hello Psychology Class!!!  Here is your assignment!!

1. Research and present a 5 minute power point slide show on the
psychological/mental disorder that you picked in class using site #15 on the
Website link of my Homepage. (Check out the Phobias on site #16!!)

2. Your presentation must include the following :

         A. Definition or explanation of the disease
         B. What causes this disease.
         C. What are the symptoms and effects of this disease
         D. What are some treatments for this disease
         E. What kind of people get this disease (Famous people?)
         F. Any other valuable information you find

3. What you need to do to get a good grade on this assignment.
         A. At least a 10 slide power point (With pictures/video)
         B. Good presentation skills
         C. Good Research!! Four good resources. Use credible sources.
         D. Title page - Topic, name, date, teacher, and class
         E. Digital Copy - Send digital copy of slides to
         F. Bibliography - Cite your four resources (4)
         G. Accurate, well-organized information
         H. Present and turn it in on time!!

4. How I will grade your assignment :
         A. 10pts. - Presentation- eye contact, volume, confidence,
                     grammar, prepared, and knowledge of topic.
         B. 10pts. - Length/Quality of slides- creative, time, good pics,
                     use of background, colors, layout, and extras  
         C. 10pts. - Information/Resources- text/font, grammar, spelling,
                     credible/accurate info, content, sources used  
         D. 10pts. - Title page/Digital copy of slides/Bibliography- cited
                     properly, turned in on time, all info included
5. Your last page should include information about the 2 Phobia's that you would like to include in your PPT.

6. We will start the Power Point presentations on Wednesday, January 8th!!

7. Due Date - Wednesday, January 8th
  Points - 40 points
  Good luck and do a good job!!!!