Chapter 19-20 Assignment

1. Create a Google Slides presentation that compares the many factors that
determines what is considered a developed country and what is considered a
developing country.

2. Use the map on website #8 to pick one developed and one developing country.
  (Website #5 has lots of good info)

3. Research your two countries and present your finding to the class.

4. Your first few slides of your presentation should include a map and good
background information of the countries you chose.

5. You need to include the following categories:

        A. Culture : History/Customs/Conflicts

        B. Government : Type/Past systems/Leaders

        C. Economy : Jobs/Banks/Markets/GDP/GNP

        D. Trade : Imports/Exports

        E. Industry : Products/Wages/Working conditions

        F. Infrastructure : Transportation/Urban Areas/Technology/Communication
        G. Resources : Raw materials/Agriculture/Land use

        H. People : Poverty and Unemployment rate/Literacy rate/Population

        I. Healthcare : Medicine/Birth rate/Death rate/ Life Expectancy

        J. Good/Bad/Ugly :  High and low points about your country (Tourist sites/Fun stuff)

       Title Page: Countries, Name, and Class
        Bonus: Favorites: Historical figure, Place to go, Meme/Quote, Most important thing.

6. Due Date : Friday, May 21st
  Points : 60pts
  Good luck and do a good job!!

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