Chapter 25 Assignment

Hello U.S. History Class!!!  Here is your assignment!!

1. Research and present a 5 minute power point slide show on the
  WWII topic that you picked in class.

2. Your presentation must include the following :

         A. Why is your topic important to WWII.
         B. How did your person, event, or topic help shape the WWII era.
         C. Use pictures, quotes, interesting facts, graphs, charts, maps,
            and anything that helps convey the importance of your topic.
         D. Dates, names, places, and events of interest.
         E. Any other valuable information you find.

3. What you need to do to get a good grade on this assignment.
         A. At least a 10 slide power point (With pictures)(Videos??)
         B. Good presentation skills
         C. Good Research!! Four good resources. Use credible sources.
         D. Title page - Topic, name, date, teacher, and class
         E. Digital Copy - Share Google Slides with
         F. Bibliography - Cite your four resources
         G. Accurate, well-organized information
         H. Present and turn it in on time!!

4. How I will grade your assignment :
         A. 10pts. - Presentation- eye contact, volume, confidence,
                     grammar, prepared, and knowledge of topic.
         B. 10pts. - Length/Quality of slides- creative, time, good pics,
                     use of background, colors, layout, and extras  
         C. 10pts. - Information/Resources- text/font, grammar, spelling,
                     credible/accurate info, content, sources used  
         D. 10pts. - Title page/Share slides with me/Bibliography- cited
                     properly, turned in on time, all info included

5. We will start the Power Point presentations on Monday, January 31st!!

6. Due Date -
  Points - 40 points
  Good luck and do a good job!!!!

WWII Topics List

Josef Stalin                     Kamikaze/Bonzai/Kaitens
Benito Mussolini              Subs/Battleships
Fascism                          Japanese Internment camps    
Blitzkrieg                         Warplanes/Tanks
Pearl Harbor                   Weapons/Battle tactics
Dwight Eisenhower         Erwin Rommel
Island Hopping                Bernard Montgomery
Manhattan Project           George Patton
NATO                              Admiral Nimitz
Warsaw Pact                  Admiral Halsey
Iwo Jima                         Bataan Death March
Adolf Hitler                     Doolittle Raids
Nazism                           Battle of the Bulge
Franklin Roosevelt         1936 Olympics
Douglas MacArthur        African campaign
D-Day                             Eastern/Western Fronts
Atomic Bomb                  Midway/Guadalcanal  
Marshal Plan                  George Marshall
General Tojo                   Rudolph Hess
Winston Churchill           Joseph Goebbels
Harry Truman                 Heinrich Himmler
Holocaust                       Concentration camps
Emperor Hirohito            African-American and WWII 
Women and WWII          Nuremburg Trials
Butch O'Hare                  Operation Valkyrie
101st Airborne                 Resistance Movements
 Anne Frank                     Aftermath - Nazis/Europe
The Sullivan Brothers      Tuskegee Airmen
Battle of Stalingrad           Life in Germany/Europe
USS Indianapolis

Other specific battles, events, and people must be approved by me!!