Renaissance Art Assignment

1. Write your name, class, date and your favorite movie and T.V. show on
 the title page of your Google Slides presentation.

2. Use your book, the library, and website #6 on my "Links" page to
complete this assignment. (

3.  Use your book or the library to find ten different Renaissance era
artists.  Go to the website and find each of your artists and two pieces of
artwork that they created.  After entering the site you can find this
information by using the "ABC Index" or the "Search" buttons or by using
the "Quick Search" feature at the bottom of the page.  Don't just pick the
first one you see.  Scroll through them and find art that interests you.  
Make sure that the artists/artwork you chose are Renaissance era!! Their
artwork must date between 1350-1600.    

4. Put the artwork you found in Google Slides form.  Next to each piece of art
you must put the:  
              A. Name of the artwork
              B. Name of the artist
              C. Date of the artwork
              D. Type of art work (fresco, etching, sculpture, etc)

5.  You must talk to us about the 1st and last slide of your presentation.  The other slides you can show with the 
      (appropriate) music of your choosing playing.

6.  Points - 40 Points
   Due Date - Wednesday, March 6th