Ulen-Hitterdal High School

U.S. History 7

Mr. Dunham

Contact: Prep 1:55 to 2:40 Mon-Fri

Telephone (218) 596-8853 ext.1051


Textbook: The American Vision, (Electronic copy)

Course Description:

Why Study U.S. History? The study of U.S. History helps students understand the democratic traditions of the United States and how these traditions were established and how they continue in the present. It also helps students understand that the United States is a nation built on ordinary and extraordinary individuals united in an on-going quest for liberty, freedom, justice and opportunity. It also helps students understand how much courage and sacrifice it has taken to win and keep liberty and justice.

What will we study in U.S History 7? We start in the late 18th century (Revolutionary War and creating the Constitution) Then we will go all the way through the 19th century going from the presidency of George Washington and working are way to Woodrow Wilson and WWI.

Grading Base On:

Daily Work, Reports and Projects, Classroom Participation, Quizzes and Test.

Grading Scale:

100-95 = A 83-80 = B- 69-66 = D+

94-90 = A- 79-76 = C+ 65-64 = D

89-86 = B+ 75-74 = C 63-60 = D-

85-84 = B 73-70 = C- 59-0 = F

Materials: Bring Chromebook and a pen or pencil, paper and a folder.