Important Links:

1. Drivers Ed - Behind the Wheel appointment calendar:

2. Learn your countries, states, capitals and much more!!

3. Official site of the Secretary of State of Minnesota. Use site to find facts about Minnesota and election and registration information.

4. CIA World Factbook.  Find everything and anything you could ever want to know about any country in the world.

5. Get information about artists and artwork.  View a number of pieces of artjust by looking up the artists name or the name of the artwork.

6. Take a look at a variety of editorial/political cartoons from newspapers throughout the country.

7. Developed vs. Developing countries map

8. Great interactive map of Antarctica.  Includes important places and animal life as well!!

9. Great website that has campaign commercials from every election since the mid 1950's.

10. Important Supreme Court cases from our country's past.