Welcome to Ms. Stewart's webpage. Ms. Stewart teaches 7-9 language arts as well as dual-enrollment writing and literature. In addition to her language arts duties, Ms. Stewart attends to our English language learners. 

In middle school language arts, students are guided through novels and short stories in a way that assists them in taking notice of figurative language, symbols, tone and voice, and purpose. Students become very analytical of their reading material and they are encouraged to model those writing styles and authors they admire. 

In the dual-enrollment program through Minnesota State Community and Technical College, students earn credit towards their college degrees at the same time they are earning credits towards high school graduation. Students in the composition and literature classes learn how to find and evaluate academic articles, how to write profiles and step-by-step instructions, and they learn how to take apart and piece together arguments found in major publications. Lastly, students find their voice in academic conversations about the rhetoric we use to make sense of the world we live in.

Ms. Stewart is a graduate of North Dakota State University's Master's program in English. She also has a Bachelor of the Arts degree in creative writing from Eastern Washington University as well as a Bachelor of the Sciences degree in English education from NDSU. 

If you have any questions regarding your child's performance in class or if you are looking for supplementary materials which might be of use to your child, please feel free to contact Ms. Stewart using the contact link below.
Students engaging in a class activity.

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