As another winter season approaches, please be reminded of the media outlets Ulen-Hitterdal Schools use to announce school closings. These are used for announcing cancellation of school, late starts or early outs.

1. In case of pending bad weather or existing bad weather conditions, unless it is absolutely necessary, please do not call the regular school number. The school lines need to be kept open so we can use the phone to provide the information to you through the media. The media sources for school closings are found below.

2. Bus drivers ask that you let them know the condition of your road and if road conditions change during the day or evening. Your help and assistance in letting the bus drivers know the condition of your road is greatly appreciated by the drivers.

3. Parents/guardians are requested to review the school bus safety rules, winter safety procedures, and inclement weather/emergency school closing procedures with their children. It is important that your children know what to do and where to go if school closes early due to inclement weather or unexpected emergencies.

4. For late starts (one hour or two hours) the bus pick-up times early in the routes may be ahead of schedule, toward the end of the routes the bus may run behind schedule. Please be prepared to be flexible and to make adjustments if the start of school is delayed.

Weather conditions can be exasperating for families, bus drivers and other employees. We must all exercise patience and prudence. Good luck to all of us as we head into the next Minnesota winter! Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation.


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