Flex Learning Day is used in place of a school day that has been canceled due to inclement weather.  A Flex Learning Day means that students will complete learning activities and assignments at home.  Students will be given two days after the Flex Learning Day to complete and turn in assignments.  

Math: Complete the Equivalent Fractions: Multiplication worksheet that is found on the Flex Learning Documents page.  This is review from yesterday's lesson.  Student should multiply the fraction by a fraction that has the same value as one to find equivalent fractions (2/2, 3/3, 4/4 and so on). For question 11, students should find the fractions that are equivalent to 2/3. Students can write their answers on a separate sheet of paper if no printer is available.  Practice multiplication facts and long division as needed.

Reading:  Read "Dinosaur Graveyard" story and complete the questions.  Students can write answers to the questions on a separate sheet of paper if no printer is available.  

Vocabulary: We will take the vocabulary test for weeks 5 and 6 (gold sheets) on Tuesday.  The words on the test include: obstacle, equivalent, phrase, deceive, rely, nag, forbid, vain, modest, declare.  The test will include definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and using the words in a sentence.  

AR Read 20 Minutes- write time on reading calendar.  Parents - please initial the calendar. If you have misplaced the January calendar, you can use a separate sheet of paper to record the dates your child reads.

Extra Ideas:  Students can also go on IXL to practice Math or Language Arts skills.  In math it would be a good idea to work on Equivalent Fractions: P5-P10. For language arts we have been working on compare and contrast for the past two weeks, D2, G3, H2. In social studies we have been working on our states and capitals in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast: H4-H12 and I4-I8.

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