E-Learning Days (also known as Snow Days) give 3rd graders a chance to stay home from school but keep learning!    
1.  Follow the directions for Day 1. 
2.  Put completed E-Learning work in your HORSE book, return to Mrs. Maesse tomorrow.
3.  If there are two Snow Days in a row, continue on with Spelling, Reading and Math from Day 1.
4.  Your E-Learning work is due two days after the first Snow Day.  Have a cozy E-Learning Day!  smiley

Here's a summary of  Day 1:

Spelling - Work on the next step on your Spelling Relay. (Parent:  please initial completed step)

Reading - Read your AR book for 20 minutes (Parent:  please initial your child's Reading Log)

Math - Practice your multiplication facts for 10 minutes (Parent: please initial your child's Math Log)

Language - make a list of 5 things you like about yourself.  (Write on paper from your HORSE book.)

Science - Go to IXL Science, do J1, 2, and 3. (Parent: please initial your child's Language paper for this work.)

Social Studies - write a paragraph about being a good citizen.  Include examples of how good citizens make a difference in their community.  (Write on paper from your HORSE book.)