Chapter 19 Internet Assignment

1. Write your name, class, and favorite hobby in the upper right hand corner
or your paper.

2. Use websites #5 and #12 on my Links page to complete this assignment.

3. First go to website #5. Go to "United States" and find the following

    A. Land Area (Rank)                            B. Lowest Point

    C. Highest Point                               D. 5 Natural Resources
    E. Rank (Population)                           F. Life Expectancy
                                                          (Male and Female)
    G. Top 4 Ethnic Groups                         H. Literacy Rate

    I. Top 5 Religions                             J. Top 2 Languages

    K. Type of Gov't                               L. U.S. Capital
    M. 5 Dependents(Terr.)                         N. GDP (Per Capita)
    O. % Below Poverty                             P. % Unemployed
    Q. 5 Main Ag Products                          R. 5 Main Industries

    S. Top 4 Export Partners                       T. Top 4 Import Partners
    U. $ in Debt                                   V. # of Telephones

    W. # TV Stations                               X. # of Internet Users

    Y. # of Airports                               Z. # of Heliports

    AA. Military Manpower
        (Availability 16-49)

4. Now go to website #12. Click on "United States" on the left hand side of the  

*The following information is under the "U.S. Stats" section (Profile)
  A. Northern Most Point                       B. Eastern Most Point

  C. Southern Most Point                       D. Western Most Point

  E. Geographic Center                         F. Population Density

  G. Median Age                                H. Births per 1000

  I. Deaths per 1000                           J. Infant Mortality

  K. Average weekly earnings of workers        L. Registered Autos

  M. % Homes with TV's                         N. % Homes with DVD players

  O. % Homes with Computers                    P. Total Arrests

  Q. Death sentence prisoners                  R. Persons executed

  S. Policemen/women killed                  

*The following information is under the "U.S. Stats" section (Miscellaneous)

  A. 5 most common last names

  B. 5 most common given names (Boys/1880)

  C. 5 most common given names (Boys/2015)

  D. 5 most common given names (Girls/1880)

  E. 5 most common given names (Girls/2015)

  F. 5 most popular dog names

  G. 5 most popular cat names

*The following information is under the "U.S. Cities" section

  A. 5 Largest (Pop.)                B. 5 Cleanest

  C. 5 Most intelligent              D. Largest City Park

  E. Most Dangerous City             F. Safest City

  G. Highest Murder Rate             H. Most Car Thefts


  A. Baseball stadium                B. Computer

  C. Ferris Wheel                    D. Hospital

  E. Parking Meter                   F. TV Station

  G. RR Station                      H. Elevated Railway

  I. Revolving Restaurant            J. Skyscraper

  K. Subway                          L. Traffic Light

5. Wow!! You are now an expert on the United States!!!
  ***Due Date - Friday, November 15th