Chapter 4, 15,16 and 17 Internet Assignment

Hello Geography Class!!!  Here is your assignment!!

1. Research and present a 5 minute power point slide show on the
African country that you picked in class.

2. Your presentation must include the following :

         A. Maps, flag (with info), tourist attractions, national parks, animals, hunting (poaching), cool places, cities, geographic features
              (mountains, rivers, lakes) and other interesting facts you find about your country.
         B. People, culture (tradition and ceremonies), clothing, history, leaders and gov't.
         C. Use pictures, interesting facts, graphs, charts, current events,
            and anything that helps convey the importance of your country.
         D. Dates, names, places, famous people (Sports, TV, Movies, Historical figures, etc...), sports, leisure activities and events of interest.
         E. Any other "fun facts", odd/weird things, or valuable, fun, interesting information you find.
         F. *** Your 2nd slide should be an intro slide that tells us all about you!
                   (Favorites, hobbies, family, and anything else you might like to share!!)
         G. ***Your LAST slide should be a slide about where you would like to go if you could chose
              anywhere in the world to spend one month. All expenses paid!!
                   (Good pics and reason why you chose that place)

3. What you need to do to get a good grade on this assignment.
         A. At least a 13 slide power point (With pictures)
         B. Good presentation skills
         C. Good Research!! Four good resources. Use credible sources.
         D. Title page - Topic, name, date, teacher, and class
         E. Digital Copy - Send me a digital copy of slides
         F. Accurate, well-organized information
         G. Present and turn it in on time!!

4. How I will grade your assignment :
         A. 10pts. - Presentation- eye contact, volume, confidence,
                     grammar, prepared, and knowledge of topic.
         B. 10pts. - Length/Quality of slides- creative, time, good pics,
                     use of background, colors, layout, and extras  
         C. 10pts. - Information/Resources- text/font, grammar, spelling,
                     credible/accurate info, content, sources used  
         D. 10pts. - Title page/Digital copy of slides
                            turned in on time, all info included

5. We will start the Power Point presentations on Thursday, May 16th!!

6. Due Date - Thursday, May 16th
  Points - 40 points
  Good luck and do a good job!!!!