Ulen-Hitterdal Daily Bulletin
January 17, 2018
  1. Snowmobile Safety Class is being provided by The Moonshiners Snowmobile Club.  If you are interested in the class, please come to the office for an information sheet.
  2. FFA - Dairy Foods, Wildlife, Floriculture and Horse Eval - Sign Up TODAY and schedule practices!
  3. Open Gym is Sundays, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. with Janna Nelson as supervisor, $2/person.
  4. Students: If you are in the building during Titan Time, you need to be in a classroom, or in the commons, not hanging out in the hallway.  It’s getting pretty disruptive!
  5. FFA: Sign up for Winter Leadership Conference TODAY, details in classroom!
  6. These students are signed up to do concessions on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd.
    1. Katelyn Moore, Danielle Rodewald, Kendra Botzet, Corie Peterick, Haley Ihry
    2. Be there at 4:30 as there is a C-team game


***STUDENTS AND STAFF: Our school library offers ebooks. You can access these 24 hours a day from home. Go to the school website and click on the school library link. We offer books for grades 4-12 at this time, with more to come as we see it being utilized. Ebooks for the younger students will be available in the future. All students are set up to have access with their user ID being their lunch/library number and your password being your computer login. If you have questions, come see Jeri Maxwell.